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Thread: Impressive Carving

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    Impressive Carving

    Saw this on Facebook and figured you all might like to see it...Chinese woodcarving turned up to 11.
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    Re: Impressive Carving

    Its quite incredible. I admire the tenacity and carving skill. To stick with anything that detailed for that long wow. Its similar to guys that build an old sailing ship large model from matchsticks.
    However look up the original "along the river " painting there is a full resolution photo of it in wikkipedia. After seeing the original the creative part related to the images and content become a degree of copying rather than original thought.
    So i ask where is what this artist was trying to express in the Art aspect.
    At the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, there are/were a couple of bust sculpturers doing "instant" busts of people willing to sit and pay.
    The speed at which they worked was impressive so too was their ability to reproduce what was in front of them. However it was rather like watching a cnc machine make a perfect 3D copy of what was in front of them.

    This kind of reminds me of that same ability.

    Now had the guy chosen to do some modern interpretation of the "along the river scene" and come up with a statement of expression of original thought say a evolutionary scene starting with ancient China and evolving into lets say moder Shangai or Beijing city scene along the river with some food for thought in it in terms of pollution or political commentary just something of original thought other than just what form of "canvas" is going to be used well then i would admire it way more.
    Just my 5 cents.

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    There have been a lot of things copied from pictures, but done in a different media. You do that every time you make something from a set of plans, or look at a picture of something and say I think I will build one of those. These guys just though it would be fun to do a little carving one afternoon....

    That is incredible!! I'd live to see that up close and personal.
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    First, I'm amazed and appreciate the art. Then, I think there must be a special gene that endows Asians with such extraordinary patience. Then I wonder: "Who pays for his time and resources to do something like this?"
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    These are cool for sure. I restored a screen with similar carving. The work is awesome. I have patience's and maybe if I were born in that part of the world may have jumped into something like that.
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    Rob, as I see it there is artistic talent, and technical talent. This piece is an example of technical talent. The original painting was (probably) the result of artistic talent. You can see the same thing in woodworking (flatwork or turned pieces), dance, music, and probably any other artform.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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    A little grumpy today Rob ?????
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