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Thread: "Crime Doesn't Pay" or "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" ?

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    "Crime Doesn't Pay" or "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" ?

    Haven't been posting much the last couple of months because I haven't turned a thing or did much else since the last time I reworked my Reeves drive.

    The latest grief with the back started a couple months ago when I was having to repair fence and build a little a couple places, clearing second growth with barbed wire all balled up in it from a ten wheel dump truck plowing through everything years ago. I had been casting eyes on a roughly ten inch diameter section of wild cherry log ten or twelve feet long that has been hanging in the air on the neighbor's fencerow ever since Katrina. Emergency crews cleared the highway but there was never any follow-up. Meant to ask my neighbor for it after I started turning but she had some health problems and up and died on me before I got around to it. Some people are lacking in consideration! Tried to snatch the log a time or two and discovered it was still holding strongly enough to the standing trunk to need a little more encouragement than just yanking and twisting. Encouragement to be had while I was working on the fence, a quick wrap of chain between it and my pick-up truck and a two grunt effort to load the log and it was mine!

    A few days ago my brother came up in search of fire wood for an outside burn pit. Cherry would be fine for that and the recently cut cherry I had turned was mostly a muddy gray on the inside, not much good to say about the color. I cut the five or six month old cherry into firewood lengths and halved and quartered them lengthwise faster than he could split them too. Might near knee deep in shavings in just a few minutes when I started noodling. This long stroke 64cc saw is a beast with commercial chain on it.

    The piece of log out of the fencerow was with my other cherry, easily identified by the broken end. I had noticed the wood looked fine when I was cutting it down to firewood size, even Mike commented how beautiful the wood was when I started cutting it lengthwise. Warm yellowish tan, orange, and red, great color and well seasoned wood. There wasn't a whole lot of wood in the pile though and I had committed to giving it to Mike so I kept on cutting it up for firewood.

    Not sure if this illustrates that crime doesn't pay or that no good deed goes unpunished! A bit of both I suspect.


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    Ah well, it was only wood. You can replace it. I've been told the stuff grows on trees.
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