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Thread: Good deal or not

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    Good deal or not

    What do you folks think of this ??????????????
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    Grab it it quick. It's a steal at that price.

    It's a fine little saw, and sells new for nearly a thousand bucks with the stand, etc.
    Jim D.

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    Have you picked that up yet. Check e-bay, they are trying to sell them there for $1000+ That listing must be a mistake.
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    Despite the single speed the 'true parallel' arm action makes these saws a real treat. If that is the 14" model (their other models are variable speed) as it appears they are about $750 new. Still a worthwhile little guy and I agree that the price is either a mistake or you should already have that machine in your shop ;-)
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    I agree with the others, buy it.

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    Move quickly on that or it won't be there. Too bad (for me) that I'm not about 600 miles closer.

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    "Sounds & Looks" like a great deal. However, some things to consider:
    Stated as "Working Condition" - but what does this really mean?
    Availability of parts & service?
    Availability of blades?

    If the above are satisfactory to you, then:

    • German manufacture,
    • Fairly clean - can be sandblasted & painted,
    • Some rust - zoom in to see close-up,
    • Apparently reasonably maintained,
    • CI body,
    • Base welded to stand,
    • Documentation,
    • Blades,

    Hesitate & you lose. Certainly worth a first hand look.
    If you buy it & don't like it, you can always sell it, probably at a profit!

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    Buy it - I sold mine last spring for $600.
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    I'm trying like heck to buy it. I've sent a bunch of emails but no response yet.
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    If you didn't respond the first 30 minutes, odds are at that price the seller received 6 dozen responses before you.
    If its in good shape, he sold it by the third buyer.(if it wasn't a scam one way or another)
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