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Thread: Another Amazing Tool Chest

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    Another Amazing Tool Chest

    There was a time when a craftsman was assigned a bench, and he brought his own tools, and his tool chest might have been an indicator of his expertise. He didn't have much more than that to show. They were a proud bunch of guys, very dedicated to their lust for the craft. In 40 years I had only one apply for a job, that among his pictures of his work, had one of his tool chest. It was about 6' tall, in 3 sections on casters. I had just moved to a very large building, and needed a shop foreman, and after seeing that, hired him on the spot. In most cases, employees didn't have their own setup like that, and some, decided to improve their inventory by stealing mine.

    Anyway, among the tool chests that I admire, is one by Andy Rae. I think it would be like one that I would make. This one was sent to me a few years go for my opinion.




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    Beautiful. That is more than a tool chest. It is a portable shop. I love the cup shelf.
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    That is some beautiful woodworking.
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    My wife saw that and commented that I'd better be making furniture for the house as nice, if not nicer if I plan to have a tool cabinet like that. I told her that was the idea anyway.

    Beautiful chest. Like that cup holder as well.

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    that is sharp, mike,, it would be nice to get to that level in wood working in ones life time.. i dont see that traveling anywhere but the old carpenters would make some impressive tool boxes as well in the old days..
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    Re: Another Amazing Tool Chest

    Thanks for posting this Mike. To me that is a work of art. Some may like some impressionist work. Me i think a piece like this is way way better.
    picture like that deserves to be framed so it can be admired all the time.

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    Yeah some of these are truly works of art. I could easily spend a few hours looking this over and taking notes.

    Do you know what was put in the upper trays?

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    Beautiful. That is more than a tool chest. It is a portable shop. I love the cup shelf.
    Although I'd put it lower cause I'm clumsy.

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