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Thread: Meet Maddy, or Shania, or Piper, or,,,

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    Meet Maddy, or Shania, or Piper, or,,,

    We took the step and have a new family member coming. My wife has been so depressed since Sid pasted, that I kinda talked her into it. But she is really excited now. We pick this little gal up on Dec. 12. She is a standard poodle. I also talked my wife into this size because I prefer larger dogs and they seem to me to be more robust. My wife doesn't even realize I talked her into it, she thinks it was all her idea. I'm getting good at it after 46 years of marriage. Thanks Jim for your input and answers to my question. If it doesn't go well, I have someone to blame

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    Course, Alex, my Doberman is not real happy, he liked being an only child.
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    Re: Meet Maddy, or Shania, or Piper, or,,,

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Douglass View Post
    I'm getting good at it after 46 years of marriage.
    I think I heard your wife saying the same thing...Who is the smarter one?

    Cute pup...congrats!

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    What a cutie!

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    Aww, What a cutie pie! Congrats!

    Standard poodles, in my opinion, are a great dog. I'm so happy for you guys!
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    Congratulations Paul. That cutie should liven things up.

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    good job to both of you many happy years ahead
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    I wish they could stay that way forever!! She's going to have a great home!
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    Enjoy the new member of the family! Long life to all of you.
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    Congratulations. I vote for Mandy. I fell in love with Standard Poodles when my cousin got one. They are incredibly smart and great hunters. So happy for you.

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