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Thread: a couple of planes

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    a couple of planes

    First up is a Stanley #90. It was made in England and is in mint condition. It has the original box and it also comes with a, I think it is, a 22 page booklet on how to use speciality planes. New, it will cost around $110 and I would like $70 for it, plus shipping and if one doesn't care about the original box the shipping is $5.

    I don't know what else to say about it.

    Thanks for looking,


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    Next up is a Stanley 10 1/2. It has been precision ground and is flat within .0015 and the sides have been ground square with the bottom. The blade has been ground with the same care , makes sharpening much less labor intensive. Usually these have a crack or repair in the side. But it is not the case here, with the grinding no flaw can stay hidden. A crack that otherwise would be missed will stand out like a sore thumb. The knob and tote are original to the plane and to my rememberence no cracks or repairs. But I will check to make sure if some one is interested. My shop is a mile away from my house.

    This plane is not exastly rare but it is some what scarce in this condition and I need to ask $150 for it.

    Again pictures are worth a thousand words.

    I hpoe you enjoy looking and PM me if interested.


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    Both are sold.


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