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Thread: I managed to saw off the end of my right pointy finger

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    I managed to saw off the end of my right pointy finger

    I managed to saw off the end of my right pointy finger AND THE DARN TS WAS NOT EVEN RUNNING.

    A few years ago Glenn managed to slice his hand on a TS that was not running. He used his hand to wipe some dust off of the TS top. The blade was not fully retracted below the top; it was up just a micro-bit.

    Well I have always (until now) been very careful to not do that. Well I got the right hand pointy finger and its next door neighbor. I got it in the perfect location to get pulled open again every time I remove a tight jar lid, loosen a tight screw, etc. The pointy finger continued to drip blood for three days and nights. I have always been a non-bleeder so this is a new experience for me.

    Well I finally got it to stop bleeding by wearing a bandage over the tip of the finger. This has raised absolute heck with my typing. It is amazing how many strange letters a bandage can hit on a keyboard.

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    Geeesh, be careful will ya
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    Ouch ! Heal fast my friend, I feel your pain, it always seems like I get a cut where it opens every time I bend a finger. It never seems to fail.
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    Holy Moly! Sorry to hear that. Looks like it could happen to anyone, even whey they're careful.
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    Hope they heal quickly!
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    Ouch! Sorry to hear that Jim. The finger tips are always a pain when you cut them, all those nerve endings!

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    Geesh, Mr. Bradley! We old folks need to take better care of ourselves! That said, I'm sure you'll continue to recover just fine.

    Now, the powers that be might cringe at this, but I've used CA glue as a "bandage" a couple of times. Mind you, this had nothing to do with a power tool of any kind! I was using a razor knife to cut veneer, using a straightedge as a guide. There I was, supposedly in control of BOTH of my hands and I use one to slice the other!!! Anyway, long story short I cleaned up the wound, dried the area and dripped a small amount of CA on it. In no time, I had no issue with bleeding.
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    Oh man now ya got ta sand the blood off..........again..........Heal fast Jim
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    Jim I am so sorry to hear about your fingers. I just finished giving myself two shots a day in my belly of cumodin and am taking plavix (sp???) so I would bleed like the proverbial pig!! Coflex is better than a bandaid. It only adheres to itself, you can wrap it around and enough layers it can become a cast!

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    That's not good, but be thankful the saw was off. Slices like that are hard to get healed up. CA glue will work, don't know how sterile it is, but I hear that is what some Dr.s use. Not out of a bottle in a woodworking shop though.
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