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Thread: Ever heard of Arduino no no its not a new woodworking tool

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    Ever heard of Arduino no no its not a new woodworking tool

    A certain person who shall remain nameless has me seriously reconsidering my Xmas present this year. In doing some research i came across this blog showing how the Arduino processor board is made in Italy in an area known for its great food but also industry.

    If you not a tech it gives you insight into how a printed circuit board is made these days.

    But this is a great innovation story. The video is a factory tour. Enjoy.

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    They are definitely fun to play with. A great way to create custom little electronic projects that allow you to interact with the world.
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    Interesting tour. They've come a long way with that parts picker. I remember touring the Digital factory in Phoenix where my grandmother worked back in 75. They had folks plugging resistors and other parts in, soldering, and snipping off the excess by hand.

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