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Thread: It's Friday, Well Sort Of Anyway...Holiday Plans?

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    It's Friday, Well Sort Of Anyway...Holiday Plans?

    We are going to my sister's house here in town. My parents and my sister's inlaws (good people) will be be there as well. The party starts at 10am and will continue until we all fall asleep or wake up and eat again for the second or third time. Packer football and Jayhawk basketball will be enjoyed as well. Friday I won't be leaving the house, have never shopped on black friday and never will...Hope to have some shop time so I can get it cleaned up to start some new winter projects. soon.

    Saturday and Sunday will be relaxed as well. Cleaning up the basement to get ready for a planned build out that will include an office/storage area along with bar area. Hoping to be done in time for March Madness, but the way I do things, next football season is more a reality.

    Thankful for my family and friends here, Happy Thanksgiving/Hanukkah!
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    were having a large gathering here tomorrow night.
    We have to eat in two separate rooms, as my front dining area isn't big enough for all of us, but me, Id rather be in front of the TV in the den watching football, as Im sure most of the men will join me.(and some women)

    Id like to also wish everyone a happy thanksgiving, and to all that celebrate, happy Hanukah.

    this weekend is not the kind of eating/diet my doctor wants me to follow

    I did manage to just get over 3 hours in shop time, working on the end table, knocked off 12 bandsaw reindeer.(only another 15 or so to go)
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    Shop day with my buddy - working on Stair Stringers.

    Staying FAR away from anything even remotely "shopping".

    What could be better than that?

    Ohhh how I HATE black friday.

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    Shop time tomorrow till 2:00 then to my son and DIL for dinner Friday shop time as I will be home alone as my wife has to work Fri and Sat Saturday move around 300 BF of walnut from my shed to the shop wood storage, re-aranging the storage area as I go and Sunday mill somewhere around 500 to 800 BF of walnut, cherry, oak and knotty pine and put it stickered in shed where walnut was. whew and at first I thought i was going to have a lazy weekend

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    My daughter and family are coming, it is going to be fun. On Saturday we are getting together with my wife's family to have a Chilly feed. Every one is bringing their homemade chilly, we will bake a bunch of potatoes and have a good time. This may become an annual event.
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    We'll be close to home for the next several days - no special plans.

    I'll get plenty of shop time, mainly working our queen-size platform bed for our guest room. I've also started on a flag/medal display case for FIL; no matter how much of a horsey he can be, he did serve in the Army for 27 years.

    I have three 14lb turkeys thawing and will get them on the smoker on Friday. I'm planning to try something different this time - spatchcocking.

    Oh, yeah - probably lots of fireplace time since it has turned off cold - for these parts, anyway!!!
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    I'm heading about 250 miles south Thursday morning to my nephew's place in Las Cruces NM where I'll meet up with my dad and sister (and a cast of thousands) for dinner. Nephew and his wife live in a small house, so we're all going to hit a local cafeteria/buffet for dinner. Good chance a group of us will also go do some shooting, either Thursday or Friday. Headed back to Albuquerque Friday afternoon/evening. Saturday and Sunday are still open so far...the gig our band had booked for Sunday afternoon was cancelled. I may go east to the other side of the mountain this weekend to visit Nate Davey and finish up the bowl he and I started a couple of months ago. (If he's available.)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, and a Happy Hanukah to all who celebrate it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Arnold View Post
    I have three 14lb turkeys thawing and will get them on the smoker on Friday. I'm planning to try something different this time - spatchcocking.
    Thats a lot of turkey! I almost always cut the backbone of the turkey out anymore. I use it and whatever other poultry parts I've collected to make stock to use for the gravy. Seems to help them cook more evenly and quickly too.

    We're having some neighbors over for dinner. Going to make a standing rib roast, creamed spinach, upscale green been casserole, scalloped potatoes with poblanos, and yorkshire pudding.

    AFter that, Going to spend some time on sketchup to get the table legs figured out, and maybe plan out my office credenza project as well.
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    Doing a modified Anne Burrell Turkey breast in the smoker and Stacey is gonna bust her butt in the kitchen tomorrow, but I still have to study mine off. Finals start next week so Thanksgiving is that it's almost over until August!
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    Nothing but play in the shop! I'll be working on finishing up my new out feed/downdraft table.

    Maybe a little on that live edge burl table I'm working on also.

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