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Thread: bagel chips

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    bagel chips

    We were at the store earlier this week and loml mentioned it would be nice to have some bagel chips. Well at $5 for a small bag it didn't seem like a very good deal so we walked over to the bakery section and they had bags of everything bagels in the discount rack for $2 which seemed like a better deal.

    Cut the bagels into thin slices cross section to make little rounds. These bagels were already sliced so we ended up with half round, good enough. About 1/8" thick seems pretty good. I used a Japanese vegetable knife which is razor sharp but a serrated blade would work almost as well.

    Spread in single layers on sheet pans.

    A light coating of olive oil is nice. If you have a sprayer that works well, otherwise just oil up your hands and smear on a light cost that way.

    Bake at 350f for 15-25 minutes until they start to brown up a little.

    Let cool and enjoy. We're using ours as part of a chex mix and for dipping.

    Optional you can put a sprinkle of salt on them before cooking.

    This same idea also works well for making pita c chips. Just cut the pita into pie shaped slices, about 6-8 per, and then spilt it apart. Oil, salt and bake until brown.

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    Oh yeah!! Those are major old cheap bagels do really well for this. Great reminder Ryan!
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