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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving America

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    Happy Thanksgiving America

    I know there has been mention of it in other threads but i feel we should have a dedicated thread for an event like this. After all its a very special occasion. Not too many places in the world take a day to pause and give thanks for what they have in life rather than what they don't have. I am just happy we have you guys. Imagine a world without the USA. Brrr that gives me shivers down my spine.

    So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the USA. Hope you all have a great happy and safe time with who ever you end up sharing the day with.

    Want you to know your neighbors to the North of you are thinking of you all on this day.

    I am sure i can safely say from all of us in Canada to all of you in the USA .......Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Happy Thanksgiving America

    Thank you Rob!
    I second and wish all here a very happy thanksgiving.
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    Thanks Rob, I might add that we should all be thankful every day for what we have, and remember all the military around the world today, and be thankful especially to them for their sacrifices.
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    Here's a Happy Thanksgiving wish to all. Enjoy the day.
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    Happy Thanksgiving. y'all! I thought you might enjoy seeing this rare group photo of all the Family Woodworking staff. These are the fine folks who help keep this forum running smoothly...

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    What Rob said!

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    Thanks and same back to all of you. Just finished day one dinner, same time different place tomorrow. One of my nephews came into town for it today, planning some more time with him to go do some plinking this weekend.

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    As ours is done and enjoyed in a most happy manner, we reflect on our gifts in life. As this is a day of giving thanks...let us all do so remembering our friends & family, both across the street, across the oceans, borders and where ever we may find them. To mine...God bless us all!
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