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Thread: Drying/stacking lumber question

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    Drying/stacking lumber question

    I just got some green sugar maple and need to stack it for a bit before i can kiln it. I plan to stack it in my garage. My garage has a slope, do i need to level the stack? My question is does a wood stack need to be level with the ground or just to itself? Please let me know, thanks

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    I would think that if at a minimum it is flat to its self it would be fine, just so there is no bowing I can't think how it could be a problem...

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    first off, sugar maple is prone to sticker stain, and should be dried fast in a kiln to help avoid it. as for making the stack, flat is important, doesnt need to be exactly level but parrelle and place your stickers on top of each other and they need to be dry. if you were put it into the kiln now you have a better chance of keeping it nice and white.
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