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Thread: My first chair……….sort of

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    My first chair……….sort of

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    I don’t want to be a great uncle, trying to be an awesome one. A Christmas gift for my niece’s little one.

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    Ahhh, A magazine rack for such a youngun!

    That is a very nice Throne! I imagine anything after that will be a let down in life!
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    Nice touch! Restricted to woodworking magazines only?
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    Nice. I want one too.
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    The magazine rack does complete it, cool!
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    What a hoot!! Great gift and very creative.

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    Now that is the king of thrones neat project

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    If that doesn't make him want to be trained nothing will. But he is going to look funny on that by the time he is 16, he just won't want to use the grown up one. You need to make a big one that will fit over the grown up one.

    Great idea and as slow as my little grandson is taking to the training, I still have time to make him one. Wet, poop-ie pullups don't seem to bother him a bit!
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    The chair is great and all, but I'd love to see some more details about the the Flintstonesmobile in your avatar pic, too.
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    It was a fun project. Just watching the finish dry now, a cup of coffee and browsing the forum. I do have another car planned for the spring Vaughn. here is a better pic.
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