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Thread: Using an ROS as a buffer

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    Using an ROS as a buffer

    My wife put down a coat of wax over the WOP I had applied to the dining room table, and buffed it by hand. She wasn't saatisfied with the result, so I went out looking for a buffing pad for a drill. I had to go to four stores before I found one at the local Canadian Tire. It was a lambswool buffer with a 5" diameter hook and loop back, so I said, "Hey, I can use it on my ROS!"

    So I just put it on the ROS, and though I was afraid the buffer would turn too fast, it turns quite slowly unless I use very, very light pressure. It left an even semigloss sheen on the quarter of the table I've done so far, but I'm wondering if I can hurt the motor if I continue, and maybe I should get the kit that attaches to a drill before I continue?

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    A few years ago, I picked up a Turtle Wax 6" buffer that uses a variety of pads. It was under $30, as I recall and worked fine on a couple of items I needed to buff out.
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    I seriously doubt that buffing will be any harder on your ROS than sanding is. Plus, because the orbital motion is random, you're less likely to get visible swirl marks.
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    I got a car buffer on sale at the autoparts store. Think it was $29 plus a few extra lambswool pads. Super tool. Probably 8" in diameter. I just wash the pads and I am good to go.

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