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Thread: Sealed Replacement Bearing specs for Jet 1442vs Lathe

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    Post Sealed Replacement Bearing specs for Jet 1442vs Lathe

    Does anyone have a source and part numbers etc. for replacement bearings for the Jet 1442 Lathe--All Jet offers are the old shielded bearings--This definitely needs upgrading

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    Gary, Welcome to the forum. I can't help with your bearing search other than to suggest you take your bearings to a local bearing supplier and ask for their help. I guess you could also take careful measurements and order from one of the bearing suppliers on-line. We would love to see some of your turnings when you get the 1442 running again.

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    Gary, JET thinks they are made of gold! Knock them out, there is a larger one and smaller one on the headstock. Take it to your local NAPA store and they most likely will have them in stock or have them the next day for you. I don't understand what you are saying about a shielded bearing, but on the JET mini they are sealed bearings. And welcome to the forum!!!

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    Welcome to the Family, Gary!

    I can't add to what the others have said about your bearing, but I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work.
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    Welcome Gary !!!!
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    Look in your manual... there are 3 bearings along the headstock drive shaft... I don't have my manual in the house, but the bearing codes are in the manual... then look through the bearings at this is where I got my bearings to replace on my 1442.... they're a lot less expensive at VXB and essentially the same bearings as used by JET.

    Oh sorry, forgot to welcome you to the forum.
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