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Thread: Norm Router Table Finshed

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    Norm Router Table Finshed

    Well After 2 years I have finished my Norm Router table.

    I needed it for the Table project I have started ( see it over in flatwork).

    Here is the "Glamor shot".

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have a Picasa Web Album of all of the pictures. Click here

    This was a fun project. Again I learned alot.

    The result is a tool that I built and will use on all my projects.

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    That is a real nice job Bartee! I put mine together real fast as I needed to use it. The top is flat and the dust collection is great but I wasted a lot of storage space by not including the drawers in the places possible. Yours will be perfect for a lot of years.

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    Gentlemen: I hate to burst your bubble, but unless Norm designed this table prior to February, 1992, it is NOT his design. LOML built this table from plans contained in the February, 1992, issue of American Woodworker, where this plan was featured and pictured on the cover.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It was designed by Fred Matlack of the Rodale Press Design Center and Dave Sellers, who was then an assistant editor of AW.

    Norm may have gotten his inspiration from this table, and he changed the design somewhat by putting drawers in the area rather than using the doors at the bottom, but here's the proof. I have the original magazine, so if anyone needs copies of the original article, I can provide them.

    Nancy Laird
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    There are so many variations on the router table that I really don't see how anyone can claim to be original. The difference I see in Bartee's and the one you have pictured is in the DC on the Norm style, which picks up dust that falls down into the cabinet as well as that caught by the fence.

    Nice job Bartee.

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    I called it a Norm table because I ordered the plans from Norm.

    However, now that you mention it, I have seen threads about the same subject.

    I think everyone has variations. My is deeper to accommodate the adjustment mechanism. And my wiring is different.

    I also over engineer everything so the is some extra stiffeners that you cannot see. This helps the Leveler legs have something better to attach to.

    I did not do the dust collection thing like the plans show. So mine not suck as well.

    But Thanks for looking. I did test it out and it works really well.

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    Hey Matt,

    Glad you like the Picasa Web thing. I really like it. I use Picasa on my computer to manage all my digital photos. It is a whole lot faster than FLICKR and simpler than other photo repositories. AND it is FREE!

    For anyone that is interested you can download Picasa here This lives on your computer and has the stuff to load to Picasa Web.

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    Nice Job on the Table !

    I wish I had space in my shop for something like that.

    What is that round thing sticking out from under the top?
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    That round thing is connected to a push rod that connects to the spindle lock mechanism. I just push on the knob and the spindle lock engages and I purchased an offset wrench to tighten the spindle. This comes from

    I have already shortened the rod. It was sticking out too far and I hit it with my leg while it was turned on. NOT GOOD !.

    You can see a little more detail in the album of pictures on PicasaWeb. Click Here for Album
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