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Thread: A sharing idea - Hunk of Wood Contest

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    A sharing idea - Hunk of Wood Contest

    I find myself wrapping a hunk of wood to take to a Christmas party tomorrow. I got to thinking. I expect that recipients will be asked to share what project they see in that hunk of wood. That, of course, migrated to, so, go make it and then show us all. This has the makings of another contest. Though this is the season of sharing, on FWW, every season is season of sharing.

    So after the first of the year, let's draw a name, send that person a hunk of wood, give a block of time to be creative and productive, and then share here what we made with that hunk of wood. Razzing for uncompleted projects highly encouraged.

    If you think this is good idea, opt in and help make up the rest of the logistical 'rules.' Vaughn [ambush coming] can help with the randomness of the drawing. Thanks, Vaughn. No, he didn't get a heads up. Don't you just love spontaneity?

    Couple of things to decide. How long for peeps to opt in. When the drawing is done. How long for the creative and productive part. Accountability. Pic of the hunk of wood. Pic of finished project. List of who did what to whom. Share your suggestions if you like this idea. The hunk of wood does not need to be a stand alone project. It can also be an accent or be accented. No limit of the size of the hunk of wood except your willingness to either deliver the piece or foot the shipping charge. Builder gets to determine the final destination of the piece. Donator does not necessarily get it back, or maybe... No limits on the type of skills brought out. Could be a flat piece, a turning, a carving, 'art' [hehehe], functional, foolish, whatever.

    Anybody in?

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    Sure, sign me up

    A few years ago Jon had a 12" piece of 2x4 contest. It was lots of fun.
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    I'm in! Sounds like fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    ...Vaughn [ambush coming] can help with the randomness of the drawing. Thanks, Vaughn. No, he didn't get a heads up. Don't you just love spontaneity?...
    There I was...just sitting there minding my own business, then...WHAM! Carol shows up.

    Sure, I'm happy to help. Can't participate, but I'll adjudicate.
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    I'm in, but because of my workshop situation, I won't be able to finish until April, unless we get a real early spring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Can't participate, but I'll adjudicate.
    You do and you'll clean it up!

    Unfortunately I would only be able to participate by re-sawing the chunk into more appropriate (for me) flat pieces and then doing something with them. Also, I may have to glue-up a blank to get something of turn-able size for someone else. If there's no holds barred. I'm in!
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    Heck, I may as well dive into this! I ain't go no excuse since I'm not snowed in - yet!!!
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    I like the idea!
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    WEll-- Carol said "y. Pic of the hunk of wood. Pic of finished project. List of who did what to whom. Share your suggestions "
    guess I am out since I can't post pictures any longer.
    I'm supposed to respect my elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

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