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Thread: Something Pretty

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    Something Pretty

    I haven't posted in a while but was busy this last weekend.

    The wife asked me to make something "pretty". Any normal 100% red blooded male I know cringes from this word. We don't know how to define this female adjective that seems to encompass every known male word by default and most times we fail to understand the quest.

    This also reminded me why I don't like turning plastic

    The Pen was the challenge and accepted by the requester. The Spalted Maple box is her Xmas present that has a Blue Topaz Necklace. Only two coats of Tru-Oil and needs a few more.

    Not Wood, Pen or Rod Building related but very now and again the wife comes up with these ideas that I canít just find a way out of.

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    Oh heck yeah!! That's tons of fun Ron! Of course I'm fond of pens and those long tubes are tough!! The lamp...hands down State Fair Champ!! Merry Christmas!!
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    Pens great, but I'm liking the lamp a lot. Good job!!

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    Nice box, sweet pen, but the first of the two lamps wins the thread. Very cool, and the various forms blend together into a great combination.
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    The other stuff is great but the lamps are totally cool
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    I like the rest think them lamps rock. Great job on all.

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    I like the pen, great kit and blank, nice job, the box is very nice. The lamp is a neat idea, but wouldn't go in my rustic, worn out furniture decor that I have put together.
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    Well, Ron, I think you hit "pretty" on the head with both the box and pen!!! They look great!

    Your lamps are interesting, to say the least. I agree with Vaughn about the first of the two being the winner. The more rounded appearance looks better balanced to me.
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    Geez guys ... thanks for the nice words especially about her lamps.

    Shape was not a determining factor in this endeavor. Being 1/2 Scott (cheap) my wallet was the determining motivator.

    All the white ceramic plates ect came from the local crap, err thrift stores she frequents.

    Most expensive was the lamp kit at $10 and that was because I couldn't find any lamps for sale that had the brass rod long enough.

    Now she thinks I should make a few more to sell at the local places women frequent to buy decorating items. All told it took me less than an hour to make these. Biggest time was drilling the holes through the ceramic.

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    Maybe you could make some pen stands from those lamps.

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