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Thread: Got to go out for ia few hour, Need to get my Christmas shopping done.

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    Got to go out for ia few hour, Need to get my Christmas shopping done.

    It is the 24th after all....
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    I never left home & just did mine had to replace the old tube, we were watching it & it blinked off looks like the power supply went. Don't know how old it is it was my Dad's. An LG will replace it. I'll pick it up at the store on the 30th.
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    Got mine done yesterday. My wife and I bought our own presents this year. She bought an attachment for here sewing machine, I bought myself band saw blades. But I did get her something a little extra, after all she does take good care of me. I bought her a crab! Don't tell me I'm not romantic! Well I've been hearing for weeks how hungry she is for crab, so I saw they had some nice fresh ones in at the grocery store and .... I gave it to her already, thought it might not do too good wrapped under the Christmas Tree. Truth is we didn't put up a tree this year. We never do unless the kids and grand-kids are going to be with us.
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    Our corner CVS drug store has a 'as seen on TV' section, stuffed animals, boxed candy, chunk cheese, yep, should be a quick in & out this year
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