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    Digital Magazines

    A while back I bought a new tablet as I wanted to do more reading and wanted to use it as an e-reader. Today I came across a site called which is a bit like the netflix of digital magazines it seems. My wife loves magazines, but when she used to work for a national magazine publisher a few years back, and got free magazines, we were getting run over the number of them stacked up around the house. We've curved our subscribing of them to none, however she will pickup the occasional one or two at the checkout. For just for what she spends per month doing that I think I'll save money using this service.

    For $9.99 per month we can read any of the current and about 12 months of back issues for any in the list (currently 116 in the basic plan, see about mid page at, which includes for me Wood, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, several food magazines, and then all of the ones she normally impulse buys.

    Anyway, thought it was worth sharing and it took care of one of my xmas gifts to her. You do have to have a android tablet, ipad, or windows 8 to download/use their app. The first month is free, can cancel anytime through the on-line account page. Also, I did find that they had a first two months free offer if you sign up through the windows 8 app.

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    I seen an interview with the founder while back. He is hoping this will help save print mags, in the digital age. He also talked about more coming on board as time and user numbers increase. Looks like a good service.
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    sounds like a pretty good idea.
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    Well as i stink at these elec things. i still think it's a cool idea. Heck i just got a nook this am and need my son to get down here and show me how to use it.

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