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Thread: Treadle lathe

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    Treadle lathe

    Has anyone here got any info on plans for a treadle lathe ? I saw a bloke using one at a market once , I'd like to build one .


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    Craig, a quick Google search turned up several references. Here's one that looks interesting. Google "treadle lathe plans" and you'll get a lot more.
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    Underhill uses a spring pole lathe on a lot of his shows. For portability I think you could make one of those that would be a fair bit lighter than the flywheel variety (although it would require a bit of setup/teardown). On the other hand I reckon a flywheel would be easier to use (or at least more similar to a modern lathe for using).

    Here's Roy's setup: - and an eposide of the show talking about both types:
    they ain't rocket science either way.

    Will be interested to see what you come up with

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    Shannon Rodgers has detailed his building of a treadle lathe on his blog and I believe his pay for content website. Also I believe that Bob Easton also built one on his blog. From these two bloggers, you can continue your journey.
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