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Thread: Left over Planer/Jointer heads

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    Left over Planer/Jointer heads

    Quick question for anyone that has replaced thier Jointer/Planer head.

    I just replaced my straight knifes on my 8" jointer and my 20" planer with Shelix heads.

    So what have you done with the old heads?

    Thanks. Rob

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    I threw my planer head away (actually recycled at the scrap yard), and I kept the jointer head. I use it in my hydraulic press when I need to bend a curve into heavy gauge metal. I've seen a lot of folks try to sell them, with minimal success. The knives can usually be resold to someone who needs an extra set. It's one of those deals where if you can find the exact person who needs it, it's worth quite a lot...but they seem to be few and far between. Some folks who restore older tools sometimes buy them to have re machined to fit whatever they are rebuilding. It may depend on how much work you want to put into selling them, in my case I wasn't willing to work at too hard. You could also keep them, if you think you'll ever sell those machines; you might get more selling the old machine with the original head, and the spiral head separately.

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    You could also build something with it like Matthias does.

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    Thanks Fred. Pretty much the same conclusion I came too.

    If I knew someone local that had a Powermatic PM 209 or a PJ882 and could use a spare set of knives, I would give them away. Maybe I will contact the local Woodcraft store (where I bought them from and see if they have a record of someone local who has bought one of these machines and offer it to them.

    The only other thought would be to contact the local Powermatic service center and see if they wanted it for when parts availability become more limited.

    I guess I could pull the bearings and keep them just in case I need them 10 years from now. Rob

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    Alan, cool idea but I already have an old Arn 1920's 16" jointer with a 5 hp motor for wider boards.

    So trying to use the 20" planer head would be seriously spooky on a homemade jointer.


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    I gave my knives away by posting an ad on a woodworking forum, free for the postage. I did that any response be for personal use (as opposed to reselling them, kind of an honor system request).

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