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    Since my shop is shut down,and I don't run machines until spring after it gets cold. time hangs heavy. I do however work on the things I don't have time for when it is warmer. My latest project is to find a home for a lot of things and to finish connecting up the dust collection on my router tables. In case you are wondering , the legs are hinged and the top of each drops out of the ways so it doesn't interfere with the other table. Makes it easy to clean the foor.
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    I just checked. Nashua, Iowa 0 Degrees F. Guess I can't complain about the 38 F here. All I have to do is fire up my kerosene heater for half an hour and it is toasty warm in the shop.
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    I may have to try getting some of that done myself, getting tired of dragging the DC from machine to machine. Most I've done in the shop this past week is remove field mice from the traps I've set, about 1 per day. Reminds me that I need to pickup some d-con tonight.

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    How does a de-congestant help get rid of mice?

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