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Thread: Teapot stand

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    Teapot stand

    We have this nice little cast iron tea pot. The problem is that if it sits on the counter it tends to leave a stain and sometimes starts to rust a little. I was looking at it yesterday and though to myself "self, we need something for this to sit on.. something trivial, something with a curvet form" (I'm sure there is a word to describe the thing I'm thinking of..). So out to the shop and some ancient maple burl from my cousins burn pile and onto the lathe

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    The center is hollow so it can "breath" when its hot and shouldn't condense to bad I hope.
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    Hollowed out the underside to make it lighter and easy to pick up from the center hole.
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    Just finished with a coat of walnut oil so far. Will probably buff it out once more and put ?something? else on it (maybe just another couple coats of oil, not sure yet).

    The figure was a lot nicer than I'd anticipated or I might have saved this piece for something else, ah well what wonders hide in dusty old cut-offs.

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    Very cool, Ryan.
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    Nice looking piece Ryan.

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    makes the teapot look like old iron compared to the wood under it
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    Clever design, and very nice execution.

    I suspect your oil finish regimen may be the best solution, since the teapot will at least sometimes be very hot (film finishes may not be happy about that), and at least sometimes moist or wet.
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    I like that , and if that's from the burn pile i would love to see the good stuff.
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    I have made several of those, they started out as bowls . Never made one on purpose....
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    Cool idea Ryan, could also double as a bundt cake holder looks good!
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    That's really nice Ryan! Very clever and looks great. It's always good to see something useful come out the firewood pile. Of course, this time of year, firewood itself is useful.

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