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Thread: Taper Jig - Blade Choice?

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    Taper Jig - Blade Choice?

    I'm putting together a taper jig for my Mission Lamp project and I got to thinking about how I would actually use it. What blade should I use? A rip blade or a cross cut blade? I'm doing a very shallow taper (3/8" over 12") so I'm leaning towards the 24t Rip Blade.

    What do you guys do?


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    Dave, I have made quit a few tapered table legs and I use the Freud 10x30 thin kerf glue line for all of em. I have made tapers on 2" table legs up to 28" long all the way down to 1" at the narrow end in hard maple. Never a problem and never a burn.
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    +1 on 30 tooth.
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    Thanks for the insight. I should've mentioned it's 2.75" thick red oak and I've got a Frued LU87R 24t thin kerf rip and a Ridgid R1060C 60t thin kerf ATB.

    I'll use the LU87.

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    +1 for the LU87.
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    I'd consider it more rip than crosscut. I usually use whatever's in the saw.
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    I use a woodworker 2 combination blade. I have a straightliner I use for short boards its about 4 and a half feet long. I mark my starting and ending point on my stock for the taper then line those marks up with the edge of the straightliner, clamp the piece and run it against the fence. I have always felt safer doing it that way than using the tapered jigs and big bonus.... no math!! you just need to know your start and end points. the rest takes care of itself.
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