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Thread: Bandsaw Blades

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    Bandsaw Blades

    As i mentioned in an earlier post I had some issues with bandsaw blades over the festive season. They will be going back to vendor but the one i want to ask a question about is a issue i have with a blade i bought from Lee Valley.

    This is a 3/16 blade. Thing is when i put the blade on the machine nothing touching and tensioned then run the blade around by rotating the wheels with my hand i can feel a strange bump at one point. This examination came about after i heard a clack clack kind of noise. I checked the join and it was perfect in all respects so it was not the cause.

    Then i tried to take note of where my fingers felt the irregularity and took the blade off and examined it.

    Now what i noticed is the hardening line that looks like its the result of something like a hot roller being rolled on the band when its still in a long band form, this line was waving all over the width of the blade. Kinda as if they were running a 3/16 through a die or setup not designed to track on that narrow a width of blade. Where this line ran on the edge like a drunk driver riding all over the road the edge appeared to have deformed some.

    I want to take it back but dont want to make a song and dance of this if its normal for a blade of thick width. I have had this clunck clunck before in the distant past but always put it down to me or the bearings etc. But recently i put new bearings in and mounted the bandsaw nice and solid on its base so there is no vibration possible.

    It could be a odd man out kind of thing but i wanted to check with you all before i take it back.

    I could cut with it but I am just not happy with it so am i being too fussy for a narrow blade. Might add this single blade cost $25 which adds to the beef. I know LV will do right by me but dont wish to be a Pita customer either.

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    I don't think I've ever seen the kind of deformation you've described on any width of blade. I think I'd be leaning toward taking it back.
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    If the cut is OK, I try to ignore such distractions. I do not always succeed . Since you are one of the luckiest (or most tempted) people on earth and live close to a Lee Valley, I would exchange the blade.
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    Sounds like the blade might not have "tracked" correctly during the tempering process of the teeth: just a thought.
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    Given your proximity, I'd probably take it back to exchange it and enjoy some extra "browsing" time at the store.

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