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Thread: Can hardly call this flatwork LOL

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    Can hardly call this flatwork LOL

    Well i wish i had seen Darrens post earlier.

    But I too wanted to have somewhere to put my keyboard. So the other day I got a B in my bonnet and tore out to the shop, cut a 2x4 in half and half again giving me 4 legs. Scrounged up some left over ply offcuts and cut them to quickly measured size and then hauled out my Kreg Pocket hole set i bought some months ago but never got round to trying out.

    Have to say Kreg have done a fine job on their pocket hole kit. I put this in a tie with the Ibox as two tools that i have been able to pickup and use without much reading or instruction and they work without isues.

    So in around 1 hour i had a table. Then i started getting fancy and put a second shelf in for stabilization. Thin piece of mdf scrap

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But after seeing Darrens version i think I have a remake coming as i need place to put the computer and its monitor which i was not thinking about at the time i wanted place to put the keyboard.

    I cant play to save my life but boy its a real good mood changer to plunk around and follow a song. This is a bucket list item and i am signing up for lessons this week. Dont know where i will get the time but i will make it happen come what may.

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    Enjoy your music---no matter how good or bad you think you are.

    My dad sang "Barbershop" before I was born. He was pretty good with a violin when I was a baby. He played sax in a band whose members had "real jobs" but did gigs. Then he played acoustic guitar when I was in school. He could pick up any instrument and get music out of it.

    When he was older and probably had dementia (not diagnosed anyway) he played the organ. He loved to play that organ. He definitely did not play it well---But he played it a lot and enjoyed it a lot. He also drove mom up the wall with it. She would go off to her sewing room (It was as far from the organ as you could get and stay in the house). Luckily dad did not play loud. Geez, I do babble a lot. All I was trying to say was that he didn't play the organ well, and I am sure he knew that, but he had a huge amount of enjoyment from it anyway.

    Enjoy it,
    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Well it ain't fancy stainless like Darrens but it looks pretty good from here. I'd think about a swing way arm for the monitor which would be convenient for positioning and usage.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim C Bradley View Post
    but he had a huge amount of enjoyment from it anyway.
    And there I think Jim nailed a good chunk of the meaning of life. Should carve that out and hang it on the wall.

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    Looks pretty good to me, Rob, especially considering it was just scrap material put together on a whim. And as has been said, playing music isn't necessarily about the proficiency, it's about the pleasure.
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    OK, guys. You've chipped away enough. Time to get my keyboard setup and plink away again. The challenge is WHERE to set it up in my little humble abode on wheels. I used to really enjoy trying to play the organ, when I had one.

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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    Very cool Rob. It's good to see you've been keeping busy this winter
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    I would not have guessed that you made that quickly from "whats on hand". It came out great. Enjoy your music Rob. Although the stacks of keyboards and equipment have gone down the road many years ago, I cannot seem to bring myself to let go of my piano. I hardly touch it anymore but, it is just to the right of my desk in the office and I enjoy knowing it is always available. Both my sons got some degree of the latent gene. One draws and plays the piano a bit, the younger one studies digital music production in college and plays keyboards, drums, guitar, bass and trumpet. My daughter grouses that the gene skipped over her but like you, I think that if she were to fan the flame a bit, things would happen. Have fun.

    P.s. On your next version you may want to think about somewhere to put your legs while you're sitting at the keyboard .
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    Rob, that looks good for scraps. Add some solid wood banding around the tops and trim out the bottom shelf and your wife may be stealing that for a sofa table.

    Just having it setup to easily use, I think one uses these things much more. That is a concept I need to move into my shop, perhaps I'd get more woodworking done.

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    Hi Rob, I didn't know that you had a musical side. That has been quite a surprise to me. Maybe you could play us some tunes at the next gathering or have a jam session together with Vaughn, Brent and other members that play instruments.
    BTW is there anyone playing the saw?
    Best regards,

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    I also dream of a shop with north light where my hands can be busy, my soul rest and my mind wander...

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    Re: Can hardly call this flatwork LOL

    Toni i dont have a musical side at all. You got the wrong wrong guy. Just have had a lifelong desire to make noise in a more orderly manner lol.

    But interestingly either today or yesterday BBC had a news snippet that said it helps peoples memory functions as we age so that has given me even more desire to get going.

    sent from s4

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