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Thread: things Im working on currently

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    things Im working on currently

    nothing big, decided since its brick, not going to start anything big until it warms up a bit.
    Ive been making a lot of scrap wood projects. spun some pens, bottle stopper. Made a few cutting boards, nothing new or exciting.
    Havent posted any projects, so figured I share some silly things Im working on.
    Been feeling crappy, and the cold temps haven't let me continue.
    My one big project, is I decided after looking at the built in cabs I put upstairs, is that I want to finish off and make tops.
    My entire purpose of making the built ins, was to challenge myself with something a bit tougher for me.
    angled cabs with angled face frames, and most difficult challenge for me, making doors with my cope and stick router set.
    will probably have to make an angled coping sled, and the measurements, have to be perfect, not close, but perfect, figured it will be my own personal nightmare, but its only wood, and Ill practice on scrap wood until I figure it out.
    I was off maybe 1/2 inch on the cabinet boxes, but face frames and molding to accommodate uneven slanted ceiling will cover that up.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	100_1500.jpg 
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ID:	80264 these were the bottom cabs I finished. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	80266 the left cabinet will have some crown molding attached since it wont be right flush against ceiling.fixed shelves, made them so I can reach them, they are too high for my wife, will just be storage for seasonal clothes.(or just stay empty)

    Im making a mailbox out of Spanish cedar, with the few short pieces I had left from when I made Larry a set of Adirondack chairs, didn't toss the few 10 inch pieces I had left. Now I have a use for them.
    Im making a magazine holder out of some short pieces of the mystery wood I had laying around for years.
    Planed it down to 1/2 inch, haven't been able to do much assembly on these two small projects, its just too cold out there.
    Should have them both together ready for some finish by the weekend.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	100_1647.jpg 
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ID:	80265Click image for larger version. 

Name:	100_1648.jpg 
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ID:	80266 really doesn't look like much except a pile of glued up wood and some cut pieces.

    no need to show another cutting board or pen.

    I finally decided to let go of the ends which were just too cracked/checked of the ribboned sapele I had, it was all 12/4, I used whatever I could for my dining chairs, the rest was too gone.
    I took out a piece of the cracked sapele, and some other pieces of fire wood, nothing bigger than a few inches, and decided to make a piece of what I like to call American folk art. You can call it what you like, junk, childs play, but to me, its nautical folk art.
    I had fun shaping the hull and dowels, well, I have tons of them from a failed attempt at a wine rack I once tried.(they weren't hardwood dowels, and didn't handle drilling well)
    so heres some pics of where Im at.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	100_1653.jpg 
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ID:	80267Click image for larger version. 

Name:	100_1652.jpg 
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ID:	80268
    the sailboat is done. old pillow case for sail, kite string for the small rigging. the oil finish I used didn't really take well in the ice cold garage, but Im leaving it. Its just a shelf piece, and I kinda like it.sometimes ya just gotta have fun, not worry so much about making a master project. sorry, forgot to clean off the dust from 320 grit sanding to smooth out the oil. before I shot pic.
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    I like the ship; that's pretty cool.

    Good looking cabinets as well.

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    Re: things Im working on currently

    Allen i like the ship too you should do more of this "folk art". :thumbup::thumbup:

    sent from s4

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    I like the sailboat

    I agree, sometimes is really fun to hang out in the shop an make fun whimsical stuff.
    I'll do that with my grand daughter every few weeks. gum ball machines, train whistles, and stuff like that.
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    so after letting the cabinets and frames sit and twist and turn and swell with the crazy weather the past few months, I decided to get to them now that's its a bit warmer.
    I ran out of steam, 34 times up and down the stairs(yes, I counted each time), most of them carrying things.
    first, I shouldn't be doing it, second, my body will repay me shortly.
    I didn't get the last piece of crown molding on, but I may have to pull off the piece of molding I used on the slanted wall, the one going up at 45 degrees, waiting for the boss to approve it.
    The molding I used to cover the gap isn't the same size as the bottom piece, so if it bothers the boss, I will make another. I only put in 2 pins to hold it up for now.
    This was a challenge for myself, its not perfect, but I can live with it. I need to make some small roundover molding for the slight gap I ended up with from the cabs twisting(warping?) after months in the damp garage, I probably should have put the face frames on months ago.
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    check out this nice setup my son treated me to.
    He purchased me a new rigid shop radio and purchased a device that plays my cable channels in my home into that radio.
    I have dozens of music channels on cable with no commercial interruption, and I like to choose what music I care to listen too.(Oldies, 80s, 90s, soft rock, etc.)
    that small atenna next to the camera picks up a signal from my tv box in the back room., pretty cool.
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    yeah un interrupted tunes is important some days allen and glad your son showed some appreciation for what dad has done for him in this gift.. those cabs look great allen.. i wouldnt worry about the crown size at all
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    Very nice cabinets!
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    The cabinets came out looking great, Allen. And that's a pretty slick setup for your tunes.
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    my son takes care of his old dad.
    Hes coming Saturday, what we couldn't do last weekend, gonna do the crack repairs on the asphalt. Then headed to get a motion sensitive light for my driveway, he knows how to hardwire that stuff, so its gonna be a long day. (my security cameras don't pick up everything in the pitch black, even with night vision, better off having a little light, more of a deterent to nosy lowlifes)
    We had several cars gone through here on our block, and one contractor had his truck broken into to recently so as far as Im concerned, a small expense goes a long way as far as security.
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