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Thread: I didn't know T3 could give you hallucinations...

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    I didn't know T3 could give you hallucinations...

    The doctors gave me a prescription for Tylenol 3 after my fall last week. I've been relying on it to dull the pain, but still at a lower dosage than they permitted. So, yesterday I sat in the living room, feeling slightly dozy, and for parts of the afternoon my daughter, who was at work in Toronto, was sitting in the corner of the room and we were waiting for my father, dead for 23 years, to visit. Also I had the idea that my shoulder was oozing blood, and when I touched it my fingers came away with blood and cloth fibers on them. I told my wife about it, so now I am banned from driving. Today I had some similar experiences, but I think I knew they were hallucinations, as I could be pretty sure I wasn't riding over a bridge in Philadelphia on a platform attached to the front of a motorcycle being driven by my brother, with the wierdest possible method of warning drivers to slow down. It id seem pretty real. I haven't taken any T3s today, and the pain is a lot less than it was the last couple of days, so I should be OK.

    Wierd or what?

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    Are you sure that's not just the 60's checking back in?

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    You could probably make money selling that.


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    Acid, mushrooms and codeine are a bad combination!!!
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    Wow, sounds like an episode of the Twilight Zone
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    Yikes that's pretty extreme! Surprisingly the side effects of acetaminophen include hallucinations (I'd thought it would be just the codeine which can also have that effect).

    From the online guides:

    Stop taking the medication and seek immediate medical attention if any of the following occur:


    So yeah I'd stop taking that!! Its possible that you are having an interaction with some other drug you are taking as well so .. yeah.. check in with the doc.

    When Mom broke her leg she had a rather strong reaction to the pain meds and was lying there in the hospital bed and turned to Dad and said "this is great, I don't know why I didn't break my leg before". Of course that was before the spiders started crawling out of the walls...

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    I can attest to that Ryan. When I had a little thing a couple years ago, my surgeon prescribed oxy, both coton and codone. I was a little worried about those having never taken either. Sure enough, the side effects were severe and borderline tragic. Both of those are on my MD's file as DNP (Do Not Prescribe). Maximum side effect, Stacey had to skid to a stop on a freeway on ramp with my door against the guard rail so I wouldn't jump out of the car. I slept 15 minutes a day for 3 weeks; through a series of procedures, we found out the problem. Although I love medicine as a career, the pharm side really sucks if you get it wrong.
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    i havnt takun anything like what you mention ryan and the spiders are still coming out of these walls
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    35 years standing behind a counter filling prescriptions taught me one thing.
    any drug, any dose, can cause undesirable side effects on anyone at any given time.
    Most of the times, its minor.
    I myself have been prescribed percodan, for herniated disc problems, and after listening to my surgeon about what he thought was safe for me to take to alleviate pain, , I experienced hallucinations, but they didn't bother me much, kept my mind off my pain.
    codeine, morphine, oxys, they are powerful drugs, and if the side effects make you uncomfortable, speak to the physician as soon as you can and ask him to change the rx.
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    Funny thing that the spider hallucination seems to be rather common, when my dad was at the hospital and had morphine shots to relieve his pain, he told me one day, "this is a very bad hospital and the cleaning personnel should be fired, the ceilling of the room is full of cowebs and spiders, go and make a complaint!
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