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Thread: CDL Drivers Be Aware

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    CDL Drivers Be Aware

    The DOT (Department of Transportation) seems to be starting a campaign on Sleep Apnea. Iím not sure how wide-spread it is, our company doctors in Seattle havenít started on it yet, but the doctors here in Portland are hot and heavy on it.

    It seems that there are several criteria, a large neck, high blood pressure, high BMI (Body Mass Index), family history, etc.
    I took my DOT physical just after Christmas and the doctor flagged me for my weight and neck size. I have a 19Ē neck, (hey it takes a big stump to hold up a head with all these brains).

    So he gave me a 3 month medical card until I get the results from a sleep study I did last night. They wire you up with this gizmo strapped to your chest with a half-dozen leads, and a tube in your nose, then tell you to try and sleep.

    The part that makes me the most upset about this is, if the doctor flags you, they donít have to prove you have Sleep Apnea, you have to prove you donít, and at your own expense. What happened to ďInnocent until proven guiltyĒ?

    Okay thatís my rant for the day
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    well, once they say you have your job is at risk right? one more time they are trying us to get new blood in the drivers seat for less..what about the ones requesting this testing ? the bosses!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    what about the ones requesting this testing ? the bosses!!!
    This is straight from the Department of Transportation, not our bosses
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    There are more improved methods Dan. In your own bed with a couple sensors...easy squeezy lemon peezy!! The days of CPAP or BiPAP are headed out the door. Small oral device changes the jaw position to maintain airway patency while asleep. Don't let them snow ya!!
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    I have been reading about this on a couple of sites and it leads me to believe some sleep study gurus are related to some DOT gurus.

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    Don't really see how one would be related to the other. You're not supposed to be sleeping while you're driving anyways.
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