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Thread: one step foward, 2 steps backwards

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    one step foward, 2 steps backwards

    I waited 2 weeks for temps to be comfortable enough to work in garage.
    This morning, with freezing rain falling, temps around freezing, I turned on the heaters, went to work out there around 9:30 am
    My fingers were absolutely frozen, but as the morning went on, the temps went up outside, I finally got the garage warm enough that I wanted to start on a few turning things.
    Need to turn a knob out of span cedar for a mailbox, and wanted to make a few pen kits and bottle stoppers for gifting, not wanting to wait until the day I needed something.
    My hands were warm enough, I started getting blanks prepared, setting up, and boom, the on/off toggle swith on my jet lathe is gone! gone?
    I thought if I pushed a small dowel into the hole I could at least get the machine to pop on for today, but didn't want to do any damage,
    so after waiting weeks to work out there, its another roadblock, almost as if someone is in cahoots against me doing any work.
    frustrating, as I don't remember hitting it, banging anything into it. the crappiness of having a tiny work space.

    gonna try to find a site that has a replacement. if not, Ill be needing some advice.

    I don't think I can replace the part, but my son will most likely not have a problem.

    ereplacement parts, parts been ordered, hope they are kidding about 12-18 days until they ship out of their warehouse.

    I thought about just going to grainger or somewhere similar, but Im not sure of what Im doing, don't want to get wrong part.
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    i dont see why you couldnt just use a regular house switch allen, and use the existing wires, not as pretty but would work.
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    It should be easy for your son to replace the switch. A factory replacement switch will be nice, but as Larry mentioned, pretty much any switch that's designed for 120v circuits should work fine.
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    I ordered the replacement switch. Im happy it wasn't my TS, I can wait for the lathe switch.
    Id rather not put any "foreign" parts on it, as I might want to sell it one day and get a larger lathe.
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    they told me it wouldn't be shipped until feb 5th, but I received it on Saturday, worked out great as my son was here sunday since noon time to watch the superbowl.
    As I thought, it was a simple switch to change out, even an dummy like me could have done it.
    Lathe is back and running again, and I have a real order to fill, so Id like to get in there sometime this week if temps permit.(8 inches of snow today, don't think Ill be out there, might be too cold again)
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