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Thread: Hello from California

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    Hello from California

    Hey everyone! Just joined today and have been sifting through the forums. Lots of amazing work on display here! So many talented woodworkers and beautiful pieces, I'm truly inspired.

    I've been a carpenter and multi-tradesman for about 7 years, but only recently gotten into woodwork as a hobby. I'm limited to a small 2 car garage for a shop and have mostly carpenters tools (i.e small and portable), but i have fun none the less.

    I'll upload some pics of my recent work at some point but I havent really done anything big or interesting yet. Boxes, picture frames and the like mostly. I'm trying to expand my skill set and of course my tools. On my to do list are a couple larger projects; a jewelry armoire, a hope chest, and currently designing a frame for a big mirror i salvaged from work.

    Look foward to chatting with you all and picking your brains! And thanks to admin for approving my registration!

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    Welcome. Obvious question: Where in California? Might want to put it in your profile. You never know who might be close by for you to meet. We love pictures on this forum. We also love to meet up with one another as the opportunity presents itself. And ask away. Lots of experienced, friendly talent here.

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    Welcome Ryan
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    Glad you found us Ryan

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    welcome ryan, we got some good folks here and some are from your state even
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    Welcome to the Family, Ryan!
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    Welcome aboard Ryan!

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    Welcome to the family Ryan. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.

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    Howdy Ryan!
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    Welcome Ryan, Glad you joined us.
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