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Thread: Flat Round Laser cut award

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    Flat Round Laser cut award

    My club will be hosting the 2014 Florida State IDPA Championships. - That's Pistol stuff for you non shooters. 250 shooters over 3 days. 12 stages.

    I worked up a little wall hanging to enhance a stage wall or two.

    About 12 inches in dia. Some thin plywood, thin Cherry, glue, little stain and paint and lots of laser photons. Almost 10 years now with the laser and it still amazes me.
    Nice to have a scroll saw with a 0.003 dia blade.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I really want to try IDPA one of these days. Kind of pricey to get into out here...need to save up more of my lunch money. In the meantime I've got a buddy who runs a tactical shooting club (Doubletap Shooters) that does monthly (usually) shoots with a variety of fun drills. I've done some of it with them, and I'm looking forward to doing more.
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