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Thread: New Blade Wrench!

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    New Blade Wrench!

    Technically, it's a new tool, right??

    I bought my TS-3650, used, a few years back and it didn't come with any blade wrenches. I've been getting along fine with blocks of wood and box wrenches until now, but now I've got a stacked dado set and I needed a wrench to hold the arbor still while I tightened the arbor nut.

    A quick call to RigidParts and I had one in the mail. $4.70 for the wrench (CHEAP! GREAT!). $6.00 for the shipping (REALLY???)

    Here's how they shipped it:

    A 9x6x6 box for a 9.5x1.5x3/16, weighs 4.25 ounces, wrench. They coulda stuck it in a padded envelope and it would've been fine.

    Otherwise, my transaction with RidgidParts was great!
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    Re: New Blade Wrench!

    David glad to see i aint the only one thats had this kind of experience. Sure makes one wonder.

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    Those skinny little wrenches are definitely handy...I've got both of mine.

    I think Amazon gets the prize for packaging that makes you go "huh?". I purchased a nylon gun case from them last year. Looks like this:

    It measures 34" x 13", and can easily be folded. It arrived in a box measuring 17" x 19" x 34", surrounded by about 50 feet of brown kraft paper packing material. I guess they didn't want it to get dinged up.
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    I recall seeing a video about this but don't know if it was Amazon or not. They were using boxes not just to hold the items but, to become part of the structure in the truck while packing. That is, the boxes are sized to go together in somewhat even rows or stacks like bricks. The drift was that this reduces shipping damage by keeping things "just so" for the bulk of the delivery. The additional packaging is recyclable and damaged goods replacement kills a sale's profit and sometimes a customer's loyalty. It sounded good when they were saying it but, I'll bet that once it gets to the local distribution center all bets are off .
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