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Thread: Funnel Cakes

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    Funnel Cakes

    My MIL and wife were looking for some desert after dinner tonight, but cupboards were pretty empty when it came to deserts. I originally was going to do some apple fritters, but my MIL thought funnel cakes sounded good.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Found the recipe here:

    Going to try the apple fritters in the morning, then the deep fryer is going to get put away for a while, probably to that one cupboard that is really hard to get stuff in/out of.

    Here is the apple fritter recipe:

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    saved both of those!
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    on the boardwalk in atlantic city, funnel cakes are a big thing. a lot of booths sell them, with a zillion different toppings.
    Me, I have to avoid them. (but I could polish one off in a heartbeat)
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    The only way my wife can get me to go with her to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is to promise me a funnel cake. I love those things. The apple fritters look mighty good too. Maybe a once a year treat. Thanks for sharing those recipes.

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    Seems to me your Mil and Wife have something in common with me......Desserts. LOL. My sweet tooth is my weakness. Cannot pass on those recipes to Linda, my only chance of losing weight is to go cold turkey.

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    Fried dough and powdered sugar! Can't argue with that!
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    Parish I belonged to in California had an annual fall festival as a fund raiser. the pastor was from Pennsylvania and suggested we do Funnel cakes as part of the week end festival. He did insisted on a few conditions. 1st of all we had to buy the mix from some place in Pennsylvania. It was a Pennsylvania Dutch mix as I recall, also we had to only use cast iron skillets to fry them in and we also had to use nothing but peanut oil to fry them in. Well it must have worked because we would go though 5 cases of mix each case had 6-5 lbs bags that's 150 lbs of dry mix in a 3 day week end.
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    he should have insisted on homemade whoopee pies, because the Pennsylvania dutch country has the greatest whoopee pies on earth.
    Ive driven 5 hours to buy a dozen of them to bring home, in myyoung days, now Im just way too fat, but nothing beats them, nothing.
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    When you make funnel cakes, don't the ingredients run out through the hole before they have a chance to get cooked?
    I thought that was why cake pans had bottoms!

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    You Midwesterners and Coasters can have your Funnel Cakes.

    Indian Fry Bread and Sopaipillas (with honey, not powdered sugar) are where it's at.

    (It's actually similar stuff in a different form.)
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