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Thread: What's the best way

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    Question What's the best way

    To protect a window in a shower
    I have a vintage 90s aluminum clad Anderson casement window right where I want to put a shower I'd love to stand there in all my glory and watch nature as I wash away the daily sins I'm taking the walls to the studs and installing cement board for tile but there is that window
    Would replacing the extention jams with something water resistant work or is this a disater looking for a place to happen?
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    Tyler, IMHO it is a disaster waiting to happen. Water will find a way.

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    Tyler....our mainfloor bathroom has a window right in the middle of the shower. Note......I'm 6' 1" chin barely clears the's not waist high or lower I replaced the window and the sill 24 years ago and it's still holding up. I suppose in another 30 years I might have to replace the sill......If you get a good paint job....seal everything before painting and don't let the paint or caulking deteriorate too bad.....I think you could do it.....I did.....

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    they just addressed that on the east boston project last fall on this old house (yes, I still watch it), they used the PVC trim stock to make the jams and trim out the window iirc.

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    Over the years I've lived in at least 4 houses with windows in the shower, including steel casement windows and aluminum sliders. If properly maintained and caulked, they didn't present any problems.

    Just make sure you use frosted glass...don't want to be frightening the neighborhood children, ya know.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Tyler. Use the simple method.

    Just hang last years Glossy Calender over the window.

    Water splash runs down the calender, into the shower stall , saving the window sill

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    Don't forget to wear the speedo

    Seriously, does the window have to open or are there others in the room?

    We have a hexagonal window in our show, it doesn't open but we love the view outside. The border was done with wonder-board and then tiled.


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    I saw that East Boston TOH, too. Didn't they also "cover" the window by hanging a small shower curtain on a curtain rod around the window? That way there was no direct exposure of the windoow or sill to water.

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    Save the window use a hose. But don't over water the grass.
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    Tyler -

    We have a window over the tub in a second bath. The window surround was tiled to match the tub surround. We had a small "shower door" made that simply pivots closed over the window when the shower is used, or opens when we want more light in the bathroom. It's translucent glass so the neighbors don't get a show.

    Works great and most shower door companies will fabricate one for you.

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