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Thread: Lone Survivor

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    Lone Survivor

    Word of warning for anyone planning on seeing the movie. Its very graphic. Very well made and a good tribute to the men who serve and who pay the ultimate price. Also something to be said for the village that helped the single survivor and endured their village being attacked and loads of loss of life on their part in the process.

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    Read the book. I met Marcus Luttrell a few years after this happened. He is a incredible person and a warrior to the end, as was the whole team.
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    Saw the show & really enjoyed it. We can never repay the soldiers that sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms as stated in my signature below.

    It is quite extraordinary that the tribal custom in that area of the world requires them to protect their guests at all costs. if it wasn't for them, there would not have been a lone survivor. He returned to Afghanistan to visit with the man who was responsible for saving his life.

    My daughter just surprised me with the book. Will be interesting to compare the written version with the movie. The books are usually better. This will be the first time I've read the book after the movie. Should be an interesting read.
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