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Thread: What is Friday isn't it ?

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    What is Friday isn't it ?

    So what's sup ? Shelly and I are going to the Kenny Center Sunday to see Steven Curtis Chapman. Work tomorrow and hope to get some time in the studio.
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    Working on taxes - again. Got some more paperwork in and reconciling things. Tomorrow I should hear on the property. Also going to install a truck crane in the pickup for wimpy ol' me. Other than that, sameo, sameo.

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    Not gigging tonight, since two of my bandmates are in Telluride on a ski trip. l'll use my 'night off' to go see a couple of local bands that friends are playing in.

    Saturday afternoon I'm planning to go to an indoor track meet to watch a friend's daughter compete. She's the 2-time NM State High School champion in cross country, and she's been doing great so far running various long distance events as a freshman at Adams State University in Colorado. (She won a Silver medal at the NCAA Championships last fall.)

    Nothing on the schedule yet for Sunday, but that's still a few days away.
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    Not sure exactly what I'll be working on minute-to-minute. As usual, I have a handful of things I'm moving among: Our queen platform bed is the major item; FILs flag/display case; a small filler panel for a neighbor to go below a range hood; mill parts for a taper jig; mill parts for a drawer cabinet that will go beside my table saw; whatever else I can do to stay busy.

    Now, the main thing for the next several days will be trying to stay warm!
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    Packing and cleaning.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    I haven't had an uninterrupted 2 days in the shop since last year. I am hoping for that this weekend ;-)
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    Dinner with friends, nice wood fire in the fireplace, plunking on the new guitar and maybe, just maybe do some cleaning in the shop.

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    I guess that means you got the job? Me working as it is going to be nice this weekend. I thought I had quoted Jim Burr here but I guess I didn't.
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    shop time all day saturday (i hope)

    Sunday Church then grand daughter Abby's birthday party
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    Date night tonight. Saturday and Sunday I'm trying to finish up patching walls and getting trim painted, at least the base trim so I can start on flooring soon.

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