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Thread: Milwaukee 5625 Router for $247 and a few other good deals

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    Milwaukee 5625 Router for $247 and a few other good deals

    Every once in a while HD has a sale of their online only stuff. Most of it is NOT a deal but there are a few good deals in there this time. I'm sure my brother will post shortly and tell you what a great router this is. Milwaukee 3.5hp 5625 at $247 & free freight:

    This one is pretty good also:

    A few other deals mixed in there along with a bunch of stuff claiming to be deals.

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    Those look like real good deals Greg. Thanks for sharing them.

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    Nice, Thanks for the tip Greg. Also good to see the other Bradley member jump, probably hard to get a word in edgewise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    Also good to see the other Bradley member jump, probably hard to get a word in edgewise.
    Hey, hey, let's not get nasty about it .

    Those are some good prices. The 2-1/4HP combo set gets the bulk of the work when it comes to freehand routing in my shop but, I have the smaller motors as well and the bodies are all interchangeable. The small motors are great for jig work as they are very light (but single speed), the mid-sized motors come into play if I need more power or variable speed. I have a 5625 in the table and have had since around 2007 without any issues. I have another 5625 for hog work; at this price I am half tempted to get another . We live in an age where a tool that was fantastic 3 years ago may suddenly turn mediocre based on some decision in a boardroom. I hope this doesn't happen to these routers. I have a few and they have all been trouble free (knock on wood).

    One of my favorite comparisons; DeWalt 1/2" collet on the left, Milwaukee 1/4" collet on the right:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    BTW, the rust on the DeWalt collet is how it came out of the box . . . I returned that router.
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    Nice deals. can add a couple percent more savings to those deals too.....2% right now, but occasionally bounces to 6%, and is in addition to just about any other discount you can find. Must be registered member of Ebates, and must originate your search through at the time of comes via check or PayPal in 60 days. Easy as that.
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