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Thread: The TV Weatherdude Means Well...

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    The TV Weatherdude Means Well...

    ...I guess!

    So, it's in the mid-40s last night during the late news following the Pro Bowl. Throughout most of the game, the local TV station had a graphic advising viewers about a Winter Storm Alert. It covers an area starting with the counties to our north and west. So, anyway, the game ends and the local talking heads start bobbing, the lead story being the Winter Storm. Among the advice being given is to hurry out and pick up some Ice Melt before the stores run out of it. Uh-huh...

    Today's high is forecast to be around 70 for most points within a hundred miles of us. A little rain off and on today, with cold air arriving Tuesday. Temperatures are forecast to be below freezing a handful of hours Tuesday and Wednesday night. Back to 70 or higher by the end of the week. Sounds like a real serious Winter storm to me! NOT...

    OK, so there's a potential for bridges to ice over in some areas. Anyone in the viewing area of that particular TV station will probably see the ice melt during the day, etc., etc., etc. No doubt, the northern, hilly area of Georgia will have some snow to deal with, but that's normal. It just amazes me now the talking heads can get so dramatic!
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    the weathermen have to scare you, it keeps people watching them.

    I cant believe meteorologists get paid such huge bucks and are wrong 50% of the time.

    Before I went in for back surgery years back, I asked my surgeon if at any point in his life he was or wanted to be a meteorologist.
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    We had warnings last night as well....although our weatherman has been spot on so far. It was warning of a change in temperatures. It was 40 degrees at 10 pm last night. 0 at 6am this morning and expected to be -17 by 6 am tomorrow. So that's a 57 degree drop in temperature in less than 36 hours. Bone chilling outside right now but dangerously cold by tomorrow morning. Oh...almost forgot....40 mph winds to go along with this storm so wind chill is predicted to be near -50 tomorrow morning.
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    well we got another 6" dusting and a nice breeze to push it where we dont need it
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    well we got another 6" dusting and a nice breeze to push it where we dont need it
    About the same here. Supposed to be -14F tomorrow morning. Tomorrow's high projected to be 4.

    Was 39 at midnight last night, and 12 at 6:00 this morning. Now (4:30 pm) it's still 12.
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