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Thread: Tree house Masters

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    Tree house Masters

    On Animal planet anyone else watch this one. I don't see it all the time but find it very entertaining when there no NASCAR on... Kind of neat that they guy who runs the company is able to make a living doing something that he obviously get a real kick out of. And some of these folks spending 80,90 and 100 thousand dollars on a tree house. Here is a link to the site in case you can't get it on your local TV.
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    Yup, watch it frequently & enjoy the show. Some really incredible tree houses at some really incredible prices. Didn't realize there was a market for this. My daughter produced a "Tree House" piece for ABC's 20/20 & interviewed Pete Nelson for the show. She was really impressed with the guy - very friendly & really loves his work.
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    We watch the show frequently, also. The tree houses Pete works on are amazing and he has shown others that go beyond belief. It's a great show!
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    Great show, makes me wish I had a tree large enough for one

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    I've seen it a few times. Good show
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