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Thread: Make your own Veneer

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    Make your own Veneer

    Saw this and wanted to share, this is some fine woodworking in my estimation. Anybody ever try it?
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    Wow. That's impressive. Perhaps Stu can translated some of the Japanese text.

    And as an aside, I wonder what Marketing genius came up with the name for that website. Snotr? Really?
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    Waaaaayyyy past any of my abilities. Thanks for sharing.

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    I've made plenty of veneer in my shop by re-sawing single boards. I wouldn't even attempt anything like that guy did!!! That's amazing!
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    I've been watching a lot of those style videos lately of how things are done in Japan.

    I really love their woork bench as it's about as simple as it gets! Just pull up a piece of floor and get to work.

    I also love how they do their glue ups. None of those ridiculously priced bessy k clamps. Just a roll of what looks like string. Makes for easy storage too when done as you just roll it up.

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    that plane was SHARP with a big woow.. end grain and cut like butter.
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    Re: Make your own Veneer

    Wow. Wow and wow again.

    sent from s4

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    Wow, no wonder he had a mat. He must have been sitting there for a while
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    I couldn't sit like that in this world or the next.

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    You can see that type of plane in use at

    They hold wood planing competitions in Japan. This particular link includes three American competitors - whose results are good, but their form is terrible compared to the Japanese earlier in the video.
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