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Thread: it's friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the jan 31 edition!!!!!!!!!!

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    it's friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the jan 31 edition!!!!!!!!!!

    wassup pups?

    due to proper advanced planning, i got the newsletter out today. (all my stuff is done up almost a year in advance, got caught short too many times in the beginning)
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    I'm starting to get into the lynx painting and the more I do the more it draws me in so Saturday and most of Sunday will be in the studio.
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    A bit of snow on the way today so that will determine what happens tonight. We're supposed to got out to friends farm for a bonfire, but the roads out there are not good if the snow is blowing. Tomorrow no plans other than the KU v Texas bball game, but hopefully some shop time. I really need to get the dust collection redo done so I can start on some house projects. I haven't really done anything this winter in the shop, its just been to cold. Pretty sure I'll be watching the football game on Sunday night.
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    Doing some house cleaning tonight mostly and mudding my walls again. My wife has her Success Group meeting at our house (in the middle of construction no doubt) and then we have a fund raiser to attend on Saturday night. Sunday we have a Superbowl party to attend. Hoping to get some more trim primed. Have a door that i need to move upstairs too, so may try to knock it out tonight.

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    More packing. Have our mover scheduled, house found, work schedules in hand and more nervous than a longtailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
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    Pretty much a lazy day today. Waiting for the paint to cure on a jewelry box I'm working on. While this is going on, I'll be working on how to get the lid centered (no hinges/no screws/no nails), and developing the velvet lining, and incorporating a mirror. This project has definitely made me think more about finishing wood rather than painting it. It seems to me that staining and/or oiling would be so much easier: with smoother, more uniform results; with no thickness buildup to allow for when fitting; plus I like to see the wood grain. Learning more every day.
    Will be visiting Rockler while the lady of the house goes shopping at a nearby mall. Have to return a music box movement (volume so low we could barely hear it), plus I may pick up a couple small items while there.
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    Back in California crossing 't's and dotting 'i's with the lot. Enjoying some rain. Gonna be here for a Super Bowl gathering. On the woodworking front, drawing up SketchUp plans for a specialty cart for a friend. That means another review of Dave's DVD.

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    Got our tax return e-filed a couple of days ago. Now keeping an eye out for the refund!

    I'll play with my iBox a bit more today, then get back on "real" projects.

    Saturday, I'll have shop time to work on FILs flag/medal display case as well as a taper jig I've started. On the funner side, I'll prep a bunch of spare ribs (trim to St. Louis cut), sprinkle a bit of marinade on them and let them refrigerate overnight.

    Sunday, I'll fire up the smoker so I can get the ribs on for a 6 hour (3-2-1) run starting about 10am. Our neighbor (the one whose husband died last Summer) is going to join us for 'The Game'. She came over yesterday and started talking about our usual grocery store having ribs at a good price - hint-hint! LOML and I had talked about smoking a batch of ribs soon, so all three of us decided to move up "soon"!

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    Gonna go see Lone Survivor with an old Army buddy, shovel some snow and clean another square foot of my bench

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    Finished up the bookcase for my mother in law so I'm sure my wife will want it delivered tomorrow. Either before or after the trip down to Massachusetts I have to find time to clean up the shop and work on some plans for a stand/table /bench ?? for my CMS and the new (to me) RAS. I figure that an 8 foot table should be able to fit both. I have to figure out some better method of collecting the dust from the CMS. Even with a mask on I end up coughing and wheezing all night. Certainly doesn't help my COPD

    Sunday church, shop time, then my son is coming over to watch the super bowl with me. Probably have chicken parm sandwiches, buffalo wings and the usual chips and dip.
    I could care less who wins the game. The game I'm looking forward to is the "puppy bowl" this year 2 puppies from NH are playing
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