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Thread: Spalted Cypress

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    Spalted Cypress

    Dressed up in a Vertex Click with gold plated components.
    Sanded to 400x, buffed with extra fine steel wool, applied 8 coats of Med CA, buffed with extra fine steel wool and polished with Huts Ultra Gloss.

    Apparently as discussed on some other sites,there has been issues with the click button breaking off of the plastic click mechanism threads if the pen has been dropped.

    I Inserted a round wood toothpick inside of the hollow plastic plunger section of the click mechanism to help reinforce the threads.
    If the plastic click mechanism plunger was made for solid plastic there wouldn't be an issue.


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    thats the first spalted cypress i have seen Les and in your pen its a nice look.
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    Absolutely beautiful.
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    Gorgeous wood, Les.
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    I've never seen a wood quite like that before. Beautiful
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    That there is one purty pen, I don't care who you are....
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