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    I'm from Washington! Guess what I am celebrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well, no one was expecting that! Not even the Seahawks.
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    That was a painful game to watch, I'm not sure that Denver really showed up. Congrats to the Seahawks, they owned that one.

    +1 ended up a waste of time. Could have done some woodworking. I too was hoping for a close game. Actually came to wonder if someone had been paid to throw the game the way Broncos played.
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    The Seahawks earned this one without question. I sure didn't expect a blow out. Congratulations!

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    No real preference on the game, but I was hoping for something a little closer and more exciting.

    Just not a great way to start off the game, with a safety, or the Second half. Not sure what happened to the Broncos Defense.
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    the seahawks deserved this one, and i too thought the broncos wernt there and was getting cash on the side the worst game i have watched.. it was just a seahawk game period.
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    Major disappointment to say the least. Seattle could have won with their 3rd string. With all the pre-game hype, I was really looking forward to a great game. Bummer! I suspect that may have been Manning's last game. Time to call it a day Peyton!

    Congratulations to the Sea Hawks!
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    being from NY, the game held little interest as far as a winner, but back a bit here, I stated Id love to see Peyton get one more ring before he retires, but I also said I wasn't sure if anyone could beat seattle.
    It was one of the worst super bowls Ive ever seen and Ive been watching them since the beginning.
    we had a nice group of friends and family over, and we ate like we were on death row and it was our last meals, and it was all comfort food. (so my diet went to heck, and today Ill be a good boy)
    4 foot chicken hero with cheese, peppers, etc.....trays of wings(our friends went to a new wing place that opened recently to get the wings, they had to make an appointment to pickup, that's how busy the wing place was) tons of little finger foods(pigs in blanket my fav), chips, dips, nuts, fruit, icecream cake and enough cookies and cake to feed a small army(I did not have any cake as being diabetic, I didn't want to keel over)

    so having enough good company sort of made the game a big non issue for us, we laughed all night.

    I do feel bad for the manning family.

    and any sports fans here, anyone who saw the Syracuse/duke game the night before, saw one of the best basketball games in college history, so we had some good stuff this weekend.

    Looking forward now to the final 4. Im sure we will have mucho parties each weekend during the tourney.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    ...and any sports fans here, anyone who saw the Syracuse/duke game the night before, saw one of the best basketball games in college history....
    Not a big sports fan, but a big Syracuse fan. That was a nail biter and one of the best games ever. Glad they switched to the ACC.

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    There was a game yesterday??

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