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Thread: Carpal Tunnel syndrome?

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    Carpal Tunnel syndrome?

    ok this is something that can affect all ages and in different professions but it shows up in woodworking to..

    the procedure for treatment seems to be small in house surgery or exercise and splints.. i was told i have it in both hands and worse on my right second year i have been told this.. went to two different nerve doctors yesterday and got two different answers..??? one said wait for 6 months and do the exercises and wear splints the other one told me that i would eventually loose muscle mass in my hand near my thumb and that it will be come permanent numbness and loss of grip if i dont do something for it being the surgery where they split the canal and let it have more room to move..

    well we were put together with said parts for a reason and to cut one of them to make room doesnt make sense and i really dont want to end up with out grip or use of my hands either. so have any of you folks had this or deal with it and whats your take on fix or deal with it? the way i felt at the last doctor was they were nice and did test my hands for strength as of now but i still look at them as car saleman we got this car and we can get you into it and you will not loose any of the tires, where is your cash at?
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    Yep, kind of like the surgeons that are chomping at the bit to cut into Lou's back.

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    Larry before I would have any surgery I think I'd look into some sort of physical therapy to try and treat it. I went to the chiro for what I thought was carpel tunnel, but it was a nerve in my shoulder/neck that was being pinched. After quite a few visits (and quite a few $$) the pain and numbness was gone. I quit going and now it's coming back...guess I should have listen to the chiro and went in for regular adjustments.
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    Yeah I've had it off and on for years (on more if I slack on good posture/computer practices). When its bad my finger tips get all blue, add in the tennis elbow and you'd think I'm falling apart some days.

    I'd avoid getting cut as long as possible myself, the success rate of the folks I know who've gone that route hasn't been exceptionally encouraging (usually ends up with another surgery to fix what the last one did and then another to...). I know some people who swear by the exercises and have had good luck with some of those (in particular an exercise where you wind a weight on a string up and down onto a broom stick is sworn by from some friends). Generally not doing 100% repetitive things helps (I try to be good about this in the shop as well to switch up and do a different task every so often - basically introduce some intentional inefficiencies so I have to stop and cut a new blank or whatever instead of batching things quite as much).

    Good luck, the numb and blue fingers aren't really fun to have.

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    I do some stretches and do my best to watch my posture when typing at the keyboard. Every once in a while a start to feel the numbness, but so far have avoided surgery, so the exercises (for me anyway) work. I think the surgery is a lot less invasive than it used to be. Known several folks that have had it done and been back to working within the week, but most were office workers.

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    Both hands here. I wake up at night with my hands numb. It's worse after jointing and clamping.
    A year or so ago I had some sort of electrical test on both wrists and the doctor said to have surgery. Not going to happen.
    I'll live with it. The hand splints don't do much at all for me.
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    I had it while I was working and the Doc told me to use the splints at night and as much as possible when not working, I did so and after about six months I was free from the pain and numbness Your mileage may vary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bower View Post
    Larry before I would have any surgery I think I'd look into some sort of physical therapy to try and treat it. I went to the chiro for what I thought was carpel tunnel, but it was a nerve in my shoulder/neck that was being pinched. After quite a few visits (and quite a few $$) the pain and numbness was gone. I quit going and now it's coming back...guess I should have listen to the chiro and went in for regular adjustments.
    I don't have any trouble with typing or sitting at a desk, but driving is a different story for me... I drive almost exclusively with my left hand and if I use the right hand at all it's just for a second or two or else supplement the left hand (for some reason I don't feel in control using just the right hand) ... but after about 15-20 miles my left hand gets numb and tingly... kinda feels like it's going to sleep.... if I drop down off the 11 o'clock position to about the 8 o'clock position, the numbness will let up and tingling will subside some. I've worn wrist guards, watch where I put my elbow and everything and it still happens... I think it's in my shoulder/neck too.

    I've never done a chiro but think Jeff may be on to something.
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    My wife's had it for years in both wrists...she's afraid of possible surgery complications and has stuck with the braces, worn over-night & when having a tough day... sorry, I can't offer anything but sympathy.
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    Short answer: if it has to do with nerves, stay away from the surgeon. No good long term results. I had tons of nerve damage from the car wreck 13 years ago today, as a matter of fact. In the early going, acupuncture helped the most. Then chiropractic. But not regular chiropractic. I have the treatment done with an actuator. Coupled with muscle testing, that has gotten me back on my feet walking and using my body again. Hand, wrist, and neck pain are all related. Upper back and neck treatment works for me. When my hands go numb or my fingers tingle, I head to the chiropractor. Usually that mean a couple of weeks of twice a week, then once a week for a month or so, and then back to my regular schedule.

    I also have leg and feet issues. That is lumbar treatment. Much more difficult to get good results, but doable. Caveat. Not all chiropractors are created equal. I would not type, hold things, get up, or walk without somewhat regular treatment. When I put it off, I pay. Still much better than surgery. And less expensive.

    Problem is lots of insurance won't cover it. That isn't my problem anymore because I am on Medicare and it covers. In the beginning you may have to go several times a week. That tapers down. For me, that's once every 6 weeks or so.

    You need a doc that lets you decide. They an't God and they can't feel what your body feels. Also, do not underestimate what a new pillow can do for you. It doesn't need to be a fancy 'chiropractic' pillow. Just one that supports your neck when you sleep. I get a new one every 6 months or so. Cheap for the comfort I get. You do have to learn what your body is telling you. Mine talks very quietly and I have to listen closely. But over the years I have learned. You can too.

    Don't be discouraged. If I were you, I would begin with the exercises and a new pillow. Then let us know. Try it for a few months. You may be surprised and its cheap enough to give it a shot. PM me or call me if you want to know more. Can't have one of my best friends ailing, ya know. If you want to know how to find the right chiropractor, the ones that do actuator and muscle testing work, let me know.

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