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Thread: advise for denise walsh

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    advise for denise walsh

    denise has expressed an interest in the t-124 lathe, i own one and it`s a good inexpensive copy lathe...has a traveling steady which is really important if you expect clean results when duplicating thin parts.....BUT the t-124 isn`t the end all as far as lathes fact there are several great and a few fantastic lathes out there on the market......some are suited to pen turning some to bowl turning, and others for spindles like the 124.....what`s ya`ll`s take? and why?.....tod
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    Well, it really depends on what type of turning Denise wants to do, I guess if one was pumping out spindles, and table legs etc, a copy lathe would be great but, if she is more interested in bowls and such.....

    Depends on budget too, as we all have learned, the lathe is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cost, but it is all in one chunk, so it seems like more.

    Oneway, of course are at the head of the class, as well as that Mustard company, the Big PM is a good choice for sure.

    The Nova 16-24 seems to be doing OK, and the New Nova XP is not cheap, but I think it is a great machine

    The Vicmarc VL300, short bed is one fine piece of machinery for sure.

    Lots to choose from, and Denise, if you have not read Sam Blasco's lathe choosing saga, look it up, a good read, and TONS of info.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Vega with copy attachment.

    Could turn pens, and also spindles, bowls, flying helicoptors , etc.

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    I've got a Mustard monster, but any of the lathes Stu and Steve mentioned would be good. I'm not sure the 124 would be a good choice unless you were in a production situation.

    edit: I left out Mayo lite, the Jet 1642. This might be a good choice with the 42" spindle capacity if spindles are your main thing.
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