Last year I spent a 3 day sign camp at Rob;s place in Bridgeton Indiana.

There were 3 instructors all of world class award winning caliber.

Rob - in and of himself is a master signmaker.

This year they are doing something a little different and Jamie Oxenham is going to be teaching.
Jamie is --- WOW - WOW - a master 3D designer, artist, cnc 3D maker of all sorts of movie props.
He and his wife Jody truly know what to do with --- ANYTHING - in an artistic way.
Jamie is VERY creative and award winning in his own right.

I will HIGHLY recommend this 3 day weekend.

I am not sure if anyone here is up to this sort of thing - but - this is where the rubber meets the road in taking the CNC to a higher level.

Do you want your BAR - to GET RAISED ---- This is IT folks - this is the place to do it.

If there was ANY way to get there - I would be there. I still may do that - I will talk to Diane tonight - maybe we will make a vacation out of it and go together.

Some reference links on Jamie and Rob: (this is not up to date - but you can see pics from last year - I was there)

FROM the Vectric Forum:

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, feel free to remove if it's not
Myself and Jody will be teaching a 3d cnc course in Indiana in June.
I should let everyone know that this is not an Indiana Rob's sign camp. It's a 3d cnc course that Robert Jones has been gracious enough to host and hold it at his place. The space and scenery are amazing, and that's why we are holding it there this year.

The details of the course can be found in the attached downloadable pdf!

Due to the scope of the work involved, Robert would like to limit the course size to a maximum of 18 people.
This will take place in Bridgeton again this year! The course price is $500 per person for the 3 days.
Anyone interested in signing up can do so through Robert.

One of the common feedback statements I receive from the camps is that people thought there would be more 3D computer teachings. This course will have 2 solid days devoted to this, and a 3rd day devoted to painting and color theory. Our hope is to teach, and to inspire the attendees to push their comfort zone, armed with some new knowledge and self confidence!
Jody and I look forward to seeing both new and old faces again this year!

hello everyone.
lunch and dinner provided all 3 days JUNE 6,7,8 2014
as well as all materials.
Jamie has the ability to use ASPIRE in unique ways. and he wants to pass along what he does with ASPIRE to you. please come and learn from one of best.
if you want to come, simply email me here:
thank you



Ohhh - my bankroll is GONE - and the timing is bad.


Ohhhhhhh - Howwww I wishhhhh I could.

I got a little dabble of Jamie and Jody and Rob, last year and I gained a lifetime of skill and knowledge.

I cannot imagine what an entire 3 days would bring to the table.

Ohhh - and if you go away hungry - it's YOUR fault not Rob's.

Just the visit to Bridgeton is a worthwhile event - in and of itself.

I will HIGHLY recommend this - from experience.