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Thread: Excuse Me!!

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    Excuse Me!!

    Excuse me for a while, while I watch the SEAHAWKS victory parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    definitely the best defense i saw this year..
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    Oops...when I hear "excuse me" , I hold my nose.
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    So Paul, are you a Seahawks fan? I only ask because being a Lions fan I'm not sure how a winning team fan should act...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Douglass View Post
    Excuse me for a while, while I watch the SEAHAWKS victory parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    it was more like taking the lambs to the slaughter.
    Denver never knew what hit them until it was too late.

    must be great being a seattle fan, having your team annihilate the competition, especially one of the greatest quaterbacks of all time, but for the rest of the country, we saw a lopsided, ridiculous game, that held little interest after the 2nd half kickoff runback.

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    I fell asleep.

    I think the win has Paul riding very high these days! , but i could be wrong.
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    From what I heard the other team never even showed up
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    As I saw it, the Seattle defense completely annihilated the best offense in NFL history. My hat's off to them.
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    Yes we are happy here in the Pacific Northwest. It was a especially good result from a work perspective, as our corporate office is in Denver. All communication back to the home office has been really least from our point of view.

    I believe that the NFC was the much stronger conference this year. If the Super Bowl was about the two best teams, it would have been between Seattle & San Francisco. Now, that game would really have been a toss-up to predict. I am not sure where Denver fits in the rankings, as I believe that there were other NFC teams besides Seattle and SF that could have beat them. Just my take on the situation.

    We will really be in a battle to win the NFC West next year and not just because of San Francisco. I see both Arizona & the St. Louis being very tough hurdles to overcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    As I saw it, the Seattle defense completely annihilated the best offense in NFL history. My hat's off to them.
    Yes & they played pretty good football too!!!!

    And this is from a non sports fan.
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