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Thread: Beverage Related

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    Beverage Related

    I found an old can/bottle opener with no handle in a box of stuff from my FIL and thought it needed a handle. I added a turning tool style handle of Black Walnut.

    My nephew and his friend down in North Carolina have been brewing up a storm and call them Betterman Brewing (A better brew for a better you)-hence the "B" on the tap handle. It's 3 pieces connected by 3/8" allthread and threaded inserts. The center piece is Mountain Laurel, and the turned pieces are Zelkova or Japanese Elm (not a true Elm), all of which were given to me by the forementioned nephew who happens to be an Arborist. The "B" was printed in reverse and ironed onto the wood then traced and burned in.

    I also did a little practice with my Sorby mini spiral tool on each piece. Finish is my standard Busg Oil. I may spray on some lacquer later when it's a bit warmer.

    Comments and critiques always welcome.
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    looks real good
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    Those look cool. I've always wanted to get my hands on some Zelkova, but it just hasn't had a chance to get big enough around here yet. Do you think it turns like the Elm you made the bowls out of, or is it totally different?

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    Thats a Beauty!
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    Very nice!

    One side note for the peanut gallery - I see you left a lot of meat around the insert; definitely a good call. Unless its fairly meaty they have a bad habit of getting pulled through the sides, especially in a commercial setup (that is I've gotten away with it for home stuff, but made some for a buddies brewpub and the that style didn't last to long because I was trying to make them all sleek looking and they were in cherry which isn't the strongest either - ah well). Since then I bought a box of "tap handle ferules" which attach to the bottom of the tap handle with a 5/16 hanger bolt so you have more wood supporting the connection (with a little shopping i got them down to $1.25 per in lots of 40+). I don't think you'll have a problem with that flared bottom design though

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    Oh stuff Don!!
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    Re: Beverage Related

    Very nice Don. Love the knurling and all wood colors. Turned out wonderful.

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    Those look great Don!
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    Ted, It's hard for me to tell how the different woods worked. The Zelkova was very dry and in spindle orientation and turned very nicely. The Elm in the bowls was slightly moist and in facegrain orientation. The Zelkova seemed harder and denser.

    Thanks to all for the comments.

    Ryan-I had the same concern about splitting the insert out under heavy use which is why I left it a little thicker at the bottom-could have been even thicker I think now. I saw the ferrules you describe-they look nice. Hopefully it will hold up in a home-brew setting.
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